The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Temple Lights for FHE

We had plans to go see the temple lights for FHE. We do it every year. It is always so beautiful. I look forward to the time when I could go and not have to worry where all of my kids are and if they are dry and not wet from falling in the fountains or the reflective pond. I worry every time we go since Jacob was a baby. Anyway we went this year after Christmas because of how busy everything was this year. Jacob and Ester were not feeling so good. Clint stayed home with them. I took Hanna, Eliza and Katie with me. We met up with my sisters and their families at the temple.

Hanna Katie & Eliza

The missionaries gave the girls a picture of Christ. Such a nice gift and Eliza and Katie fought over who got to hold it. Kind of runes the spirit.

The Cousins by the fountain.

(No one fell in this year)

Me and my girls. We missed Ester.

Me and Monica, Carla wouldn't get in the picture.

My cute girls and the pretty lights.

We went into the visitors center. The girls were amazed by this. We need to go back soon and just spend time in there. There is so much peace. That is just the visitor center. There is more inside the temple. I love going there. For the new year I need to go more. It is a gift to me that I do not use as often as I should.

This is a new statue of Christ that is on a thing that spins around. Katie loved holding His hand and pretend to dance with Him.

I love each year going to the temple lights for FHE.

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Michelle said...

What fun! I'm kinda glad you guys were caught giving to that "single mom!" You deserve being recognized for all that you do! Thanks for being a terrific mom to your kids and to your 'primary kids' too! Yes it is 2009 "Christ-like time!" I want to add to that if that's okay...2009 will be 'divine!" It's all about keeping the Spirit of Christ(mas) all year long!
Love you girl!