The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Snow Days

Here in Apache Junction the Parks and Rec. department brings in a truck load of snow for the kids to play in. They do it every year. It is fun for our kids to get to really play in the snow since we don't get it here. Ever since I have been a mom every year one of my kids asks me "When is it going to snow?". I always tell them it does not snow here. They don't quite get though. I have gotten used to living here in Arizona. I like that I don't have to wear a coat. You could wear flip-flops all year. My sister Carla does.

It is fun living here in Apache Junction, Arizona. My sisters and I took our kids to the snow and then they got to sit on Santa's lap.

Hyman Kids

Steele Kids

Spencer Kids

(Quade telling Santa I am trying to be good. It is just so hard.)

Then we went to a small light up parade that Apache Junction has every year. It is so cute. Every year I say I want to be in it. I just have to put lights on my Rhino and throw candy. Maybe next year.
That is how we have a snow day.

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devry said...

ok i had no clue they brought in snow!