The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hiking and Quad riding in the Superstition Mountians

On Saturday our good friend Ray wanted to show Clint a natural bridge in the Superstition Mountains. He does a lot of hiking and knows a ton of different places to go in the mountains. We all went and decided to take the Rhino and my quad to see how far we could get. We followed Ray's GPS to get us to the natural bridge. When we first got to where the bridge was we thought the GPS was wrong because it looked like a cave. Then we went up the trail a bit and we were able to see it was a natural bridge. Clint, Ray, Hanna and Ester hiked up to the bridge. It took them about an hour to go up and back. I waited with Jacob, Eliza and Katie. We kept yelling to the others to see if they could hear us. The echo was cool. When they got back from the hike we continued on the quads. Some parts were a little scary. It was just wide enough for the Rhino and I was behind on the quad hugging the mountain as I followed Clint. It was so beautiful though. We don't live very far from the mountain. I see them every time I go outside and drive by them daily. I never knew there was such beauty in my backyard. Thank you Ray for showing us such beauty and for putting up with screaming tired kids. I am thankful for Ray being the navigator. We are home safely. I love my husband but his scents of direction isn't the best. I am getting him a GPS for Christmas. I can't wait to go hiking and quad riding in the Superstition Mountains again.


Nikki said...

We are a hiking family too! Just love it.

Michelle said...

Always some cool adventures with you! I love it1