The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, December 1, 2008

Quad riding with my family nothing more FUN.

As you all know our family loves to go quad riding. I would like to make it a tradition to do it every year the day after Thanksgiving day. This year was especially fun because it had rained for two days before. I love riding when it is muddy. There isn't the dust from when it is dry and you get to look like you had a bunch of fun by getting muddy.
For some reason I was the only one that got muddy this time.
We went riding on Friday. My sister Carla and her family all came finally. I always ask her to go. She drove the Rhino with her two younger kids and my two younger girls. I rode my quad that Clint bought for me like four years ago. It doesn't get much use because I always ride the Rhino. It was so much fun. Clint's brother Russel and his boys also came. We rode out to this field where there were jumps. Jacob and Russel's oldest David ride so good for only being 11 years old.

I am always impressed with my sons riding abilities. It just comes so natural to him just like Clint.

These are the boys. Can you say Like father like son.
(From left to right Jacob, Clint, Danny(Russel's youngest) Russel and David.)
I love to see Clint and Russ together and then the younger generation together. David is just like his dad and Jacob is just like his.

While we were riding we came across this cool wash that went under the highway. I thought it would be a nice place to take pictures.

In the field the kids had so much fun just playing while the guys were jumping. Clint taught me how to jump Jacob's quad I got like an inch of air. I was so happy. The next day I felt it though. I am an old lady.

Daddy & his Girls

They all love to ride with him

Then with all fun sometimes something bad has to happen. Thank you Clint for taking one for the team. We got a stupid ticket for riding in a place where we shouldn't have been and AZ Game and Fish caught us. We didn't know we were doing anything bad but we were. So Clint has to go to court on the 15th and pay for us. But like I said quad riding with my family nothing more FUN.

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