The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RoCk BaNd FuN!

I bought Rock Band for the WII for my children the day after Thanksgiving. They were not allowed to open it until Christmas eve day. I am so glad I made that rule. It is so much fun to play but is kind of addictive. We played it on Christmas eve with my brother in law Russ and his boys who are all very good at it. Then on Christmas with my brother in law Lee.

Christmas Eve

Jacob on guitar taking it very seriously

The Hyman Band
Danny (singer) Russ (drums) Jacob (guitar)
David (groupie/dancer)

Russel is amazing on the drums. He plays on expert and does awesome.

Christmas Day

The 2 year old band

(Grant - Katie - Kedrik)

The babies as we call them all got guitars for Christmas.

Me on the guitar. I am not very good.

Jacob on the drums in his Christmas PJ's

Lee on vocals. He thinks he is awesome but I think I heard some dogs howling.
RoCk BaNd FuN!

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