The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I hope we will shine in 2009

Since this blog is also like my journal I wanted to post our family goals on it. Hopefully with them posted it will encourage us to do them. I want my family to be better this year. I told them 2009 was Christ-like time. For FHE I went around to each member of my house and asked them "How they were going to be more Christ-like this year and also how they were going to be a better person?"
Hyman Family Goals 2009 It is CHRIST-LIKE time.
Katie -
* To go on the potty no more diapers for Mommy and Daddy.
(since Katie is so little that is a great goal for her.)
Eliza -
* Be Nice, Try not to be mean
* No hitting and scratching
* No middle finger to anyone.
(I just wrote what she told me. Why she would say that is beyond me. She saw a shirt at the sand dunes that had the middle finger on it and has asked a ton of questions. She knows it means something bad.)
Ester -
* Listen better to Mom and Dad.
* Try not to laugh at other people.
Hanna -
* Try to be nicer to my family.
* Be more helpful to Mom and Dad.
* Try not to ask for a lot.
* Try to be a better sister.
Jacob -
* Take better care of myself.
* Share more with my sisters and cousins
* Try not to get as mad.
Clint -
* Be more organized
* Do my calling better.
* Go to the temple.
Renee -
* Try not to raise my voice as much.
* Go to the temple more.
* Read the scriptures & pray more fervently
*Try to show more gratitude
* Better at house work
* Have FHE every week
* Do my calling better
* Choose healthier foods
* Move more
* Be better all around
I am usually really bad a keeping and achieving goals. I need to teach my children to be better then me. My hope for this year is to be better. I hope we will Shine in 2009.


Jenny said...

I laughed when I read the middle finger, that's so funny! Way to go on family goals that's a good idea, we need to do something like that. See you soon

Hall Fam said...

ok the middle finger is hillarious cause at preschool she came up to me and was making a fist and said miss devry this is the middle finger and pointed to it. so funny!