The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We will miss Grandma Holt

Ellen Irene Holt (Irene)
1912 - 2009

I knew this day would come. We can't all live forever. With the gospel in our lives we are taught that there is life after death. With families being forever. I am sure Grandma Holt is tons happier now. In this entry of my blog I want to dedicate it to one of the strongest ladies I have ever known.
I have been blessed to have known Irene (Grandma as I called her) for almost 14 years. I loved her a lot. I miss my own grandmothers who have both passed on. I always enjoyed the time I got to spend with Grandma. She is Clint's grandmother in every way but blood.
I will share some things about her. She died last night. She was almost 97 years old. Her birthday would have been in April.
When we were first married I started to give her perms. I loved those times. I would look forward to those times. She would tell me stories of when she was little with her father and brothers. Her mother died when she was 12 so she was raised by her father. They would hunt, farm, and work the land. She would tell me stories of her only daughter who she loved more then anyone. Her daughter died when she was in her early twenties. She would tell me stories of my husband and his brothers and sister when they were little.
She filled a spot in my husband's family that was empty and did it with so much love. Her whole life she served tons and endured a lot. One thing I really loved about her was the church was so important to her. I love the church with all my heart and that is how it was for her. When she would get her hair permed. I would sometimes go pick her up bring her back to my house and do the perm. We would talk tons. She would always bring a snack to Jacob. When I told Jacob that Grandma went to live with Heavenly Father last night. We were laying in my bed talking about her. We asked Clint to tell us some of his favorite stories about Grandma Holt. He told us how she would come and visit once a year and take them to Long John Silvers. He looked forward to it every year. Then Jacob said I remember when you would give her a perm and she would bring these snacks.

I think we will always remember Grandma Holt when we see these snacks. She knew Clint liked the animal crackers and what kid doesn't like goldfish. She always remembered us. I wanted her to know how special she was to us. We named Katie after her (Katie Ellen). All our kids middle names have meaning. They were named after someone in the family. She would never say just Katie it was always little Katie Ellen to her. She would tell me how her prayers would take so long because she prayed for everyone in the family everyday. How she wanted those who left the church to come back. She would ask me what can we do? It broke her heart for what they are missing out on. Especially the younger generation which were her great-grandchildren. We went as a family to visit her on Sunday after church. She had been in Hospice for the last few weeks. She was still with it knew who all the kids were. She used to send them cards in the mail randomly just to say hi. She would say kids like to get mail. I am glad we all got to see her one last time. I am mad at myself because I had all intentions to go see her yesterday but played lazy all day with sick kids at home. So I was going to go today for sure. Then last night Clint's mom called to tell us she had passed on. She was so strong for so long. I am sure she is happy to be with the daughter she lost and all her other family that has passed. I am so very thankful to have known Grandma. I hope she knows how much I admired and loved her. I know we will see her again but for now we will miss Grandma Holt.


Sonya said...

Renee, that is a beautiful memorial. Thank you for sharing.

Carla Lara said...

What a sweet Grandma! Thank you for sharing she sounds like a special lady.