The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What the heck!

I love to go to church. It is a little challenging right now because we meet at 9:00 am and my husband has meetings at 7:30 am. He is not able to help me get the kids ready as much. I do have to say he is usually a help on Sundays. I just have to pick out the clothes and he will help get them dressed. Then I have to do their hair. With meetings so early he can't do as much to help. One thing I do leave for him to do is get their shoes on. Well after today I do not know if I will be leaving him such with responsibility.
I see Sunday as a special day every week. We need to look our best. (Jacob thinks he does not apply to this rule sometimes. We will all look nice then Jacob looks like he slept in his clothes and came to church. He is all wrinkled) Anyway, it seems like such a struggle with shoes every week. This is what happen today when I didn't see Katie leave for church. I was running late because it is so early that we have to be there. I was running like 20 minutes late Clint took the three younger girls to church and I took the older two with me. I told Clint please get the third row because that is where I like to sit. He did that surprisingly. How ever I get to church sit down next to him. I happened to look down the row at my girls and I noticed Katie's feet. I looked at Clint he of course was smiling thinking it was so funny. I said "What the Heck!"


(When Clint picks out her shoes for church. A black shoe and a purple boot.)


Jenny said...

That's so funny!

Jeanne' said...

That is way funny! :) Don't you love those moments?

Hall Fam said...

ok i think that is hillarious. of course if my husband did that i would be like what the heck too.