The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am

I am... A Child of God.
I think...I do not do enough for the people I love.
I always have my family nearby.
I have...many wonderful people in my life.
I Grandmothers. They would have loved my children.
I fear...losing Clint. I do not want to live without him.
I hear...Jacob teasing Ester and Katie talking and the dryer going.
I smell...toast the kids had it for a snack.
I crave...Oreo cookie milk shakes from Jack in the Box. It has been a week since I have had one. They are off limits for the new year.
I church when I have been touched by the spirit.
I regret...not being kinder to certain people in my family who are now gone.
I search...for goodness in a world that doesn't have a lot.
I wonder...If I will always be fat. It is my curse.
I children will always be strong in church.
I love...My husband with all my heart.
I care...about everyone.
I always...try to choose the right. I said try.
I worry...that my children will fall away from the church. It means a lot to me.
I am not...a very good housekeeper. I am awful at it.
I remember...the first time I realized I was totally in love with my husband. When he was known to me as Elder Hyman.
I wishing on shooting stars
I primary. I have to be an example to the kids.
I don't always...treat my husband with the respect he deserves
I argue...with my brother in law Dave the most. Also with Clint, my Mom and my sisters. I still love them though, well Dave is another story.
I write...things down with hopes of remembering. It doesn't always happen.
I lose...EVERYTHING. We probably have two or more of things because I lose them. Clint is the same way. Our poor kids.
I the prophet.
I can usually be home, shopping, church, or my girls school.
I be a better wife.
I forget...a lot of my childhood memories.
I am happy...when I am with my husband and children doing what we like to do.
Tag! You're it! (Yep! That means you...who ever reads this!)

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