The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I found my true love.

As most of you know I met my husband when he was serving faithfully and diligently as a full time missionary in the Hartford, Connecticut mission. He served there from February 1994 -1996. His last seven months were in my ward. The Southbury ward in the New Haven, CT stake. Our family has always been close to the missionaries ever since my Mom sisters and I joined the church in 1988.
I had gone away to beauty school and came back to live with my mom in 1994 with intentions of serving a mission. My twin sister Monica left on her mission in August of 1995. My sister Carla was attending the U of U so I was at home with my mom. Now that I knew how to cut hair I did it for a service for the missionaries. They would come over for dinner and get a free haircut while they were there.

Just before Monica left on her mission. She would hang out with the sister missionaries in our ward a lot and go on splits. She would tote the Sisters and Elders around on their P-day. I know that wouldn't be allowed today but it was OK back then. Anyway I remember her coming home from being with the Sisters and Elders all day. She was upset. I asked her why. She told me we got a new Elder in our ward and he is so rude. She said he was making fun of her. (well she thought) So I took her opinion of this new Elder in our ward. I had my guard up when he first came over for dinner and a haircut. Monica had made a name for him Elder Punk. She said he had a punk like attitude. So the Elders came for dinner and haircuts. This Elder Punk made me so nervous the first time I cut his hair that I started to sweat. He seemed so picky. I told my mom not to have them over for dinner again that the new Elder made me sweat when I gave him a haircut and I didn't care for him very much or his companion at that time. So time went by Monica went on her mission and Carla off to Utah for school. We would have the missionaries over still because my mom is so sweet. Well Elder Punk got a new companion.

A brand new Elder fresh out of the MTC. He was so sweet and kind. We started having them over a little more. Elder Punk had now been in my ward for 4 or 5 months now. He seemed to not be as bad as Monica had made him sound. He was fun and very dedicated to what he was sent to do serve our Lord. I started to see him in a different light. Carla came home for the holidays in December. She was now going to go to school from home so she wouldn't be leaving again. I was happy about that. Anyway I remember going to church the Sunday after Carla got home and Elder Punk was happy to see Carla. I remember feeling so jealous. I was mad at myself I could not understand why I felt this way. Then the next Sunday after that was the Christmas Sunday and Elder Punk was in our ward choir. I watched him sing I could not take my eyes off him and it hit me hard I was in love with this elder. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to eat. I couldn't sleep. I would pray to Heavenly Father for guidance. The missionaries came over for Christmas day dinner. I had butterflies the whole time. I remember looking into Elder Hyman eyes so strong I thought I gave myself up. But being a man it flew over his head. We brought them home that night and when I got back home I saw a shooting star and me being me with a little girls mind wished upon it. I wished to have Elder Hyman in my life forever. I knew he would be leaving soon to go home from his mission. I couldn't tell him how I was feeling he was a missionary. For those of you that know me I often stick my foot in my mouth. Oh my heck was this ever hard for me not to just blurt it out that I was in love with him. I prayed so hard to know what to do many many times. I knew how important it was for me not to break any mission rules. I was answered in prayer to be patient. That is not something I do very well. I was answered over and over again the same thing. It was hard to take this answer but also comforting. It gave me hope. Now I wanted the missionaries over every week and wanted to help them with rides and investigators however I could. I fell even more and more in love with Elder Hyman as the time went by and it killed me not to tell him. I almost slipped a few times. I remember getting up set as the time went on that he would be going home. I had a sister missionary friend that was leaving the same day Elder Hyman left so we went to the airport to see them off. I wrote Elder Hyman a note and told him how I felt about him. I gave it to him with a tape of music that reminded me of him. This was February 9 1996. He waved and looked at me just before he stepped on to the plane. He called me two days later as Clint not Elder Hyman. We talked for five hours on the phone. He told me he wanted to see what would happen. He came to visit six weeks later. We were married five months after he got home from his mission. In the Mesa temple.
I know without a doubt that our Heavenly Father had His hand in our meeting. I am so thankful for that and for that shooting star. We were obedient and faithful in our doings and I found my true love.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! That is a great story! LOL I loved it! :) You guys are great!

Hall Fam said...

jeff & i were reading this together and laughing so hard. Elder Punk! Your sisters are so funny! glad it all worked out:)

Jenny said...

You two are perfect together, and so funny!