The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost Dutchman Parade 2009

On Saturday Jacob was in another parade. Every year the last weekend in February is Lost Dutchman Days here in Apache Junction. They have a lot going on that weekend. There is a parade, rodeo, carnival and an arts and craft show. We have only ever gone to the parade. I like that the city does it. It makes it feel small town. Our family is always busy on this weekend with birthdays but I am glad we were able to go to the parade. Well I went with all the kids and my true and faithful sister Monica came to help with kids and support Jacob. Clint was still camping.

Jacob and his blue trumpetJacob marching

Thunder Mountain Marching Band

The Girls waiting for their big brother

An old Apache Junction Police car

Clydesdale horses

Hanna and her friend Daisy enjoying the parade
Eliza and Miss Devry
(her preschool teacher and my friend who I will miss when she moves)
Cool bikes
Jacob wants to build one with Clint
Superstition Search & Rescue
I have a lot of respect for these guys. I am sure they get used a lot. I myself have almost had to use them when Clint had gone hiking once. Thank goodness he was alright.
An Apache Junction Parade consists of a lot of horses and cowboys

A ton of these guys

They are nuts driving around in these little cars

CAUTION: Watch your kids

Me and my Katie

It was a fun parade with friends and family to hang out with and laugh. I enjoyed the longest parade ever The Lost Dutchman Parade 2009.


Hall Fam said...

seriously they should get an award for the longest parade! i don't think the macy's thanksgiving day parade is that long!

Jenny said...

Bummer we missed it, it would have been fun to hang out with you guys at another parade, we need to get together and have Kendall & Eliza play.

Carla Lara said...

I love the picture of your girls in their matching shirts. They always look so cute.