The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, March 9, 2009

I love Scouts!

I love my calling. I get to do things with the scouts. It is all new to me and I am learning a lot slowly. On Saturday I got to be the leader for our ward to go to the 11 year old scout stake day camp with Jacob. We don't have a leader over that right now. Since I am over Cubs in our ward I went. It was fun spending the day with Jacob. The wards were divided into groups. We were lucky we got to be with our old ward and Jacob's best friend is in that ward. We went to four classes. They were all very interesting. The first class was on compasses and how to use them. It was hard for me. I had to keep on asking Jacob for help. I still don't really get how to use them. I kept thinking of Bella when she has to go find the meadow by herself when Edward leaves. I remember she used a compass.
Then we learned knots. It was really fun. I could do the bowline like no body's business. Jacob was getting mad because I was able to do it faster then he was.

Then we went to a first aid class. Jacob was acting like he has passed out. Then they were talking about how to help someone out if they were hurt and couldn't walk. At first the guy teaching the class wanted the boys to carry Jacob who was the biggest of the three. One of the scouts said "OH NO!" then they carried him instead.

Our last was fire and outside cooking. The boys loved that the most. They got start their own little fire. It was a fun day and the more I am in scouts the more I love scouts.

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