The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, March 9, 2009

I almost PEED my pants!

On Friday I met Monica for lunch. We went to her new favorite place Pei Wei at Dana Park in Mesa.
If any of you have been to Dana Park you know they have these fountains all around.

The kids love to throw coins or coings as Eliza calls them in the fountain. After we had lunch the kids wanted to do that. They were trying to get it on the top tear of the fountain. Monica's son Grant thought he had a brilliant idea. He got up on the little ledge with his coins and took aim to throw it in the top.
Well he lost his balance and throw himself in. It was classic.
Grant never let go of his fortune cookie through the fall and everything. He was upset he had crushed it though. He was soaked from the waist down. I have always waited for one of Monica's boys to fall in a fountain. Every year when we go to the temple lights I wait for it to happen and it never does. This time it did and I laughed so hard I seriously almost peed my pants.

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Jenny said...

That is so funny!!