The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Quade!

This weekend my sister Monica had her oldest sons 6th birthday party. It was really cute. It was a kite theme. She bought a kite for all the kids to fly. The sad thing is that there was no wind. The kids worked hard trying to get their kites up in the sky.

Hanna and Eliza
Eliza got hers up a little.
Katie and her Mickey kite.
Kedrik blowing bobbles
Grant and Katie
The best of friends and the worst enemies.
Pinata Time
Quade did not want any one else to go. He started hitting the pinata and did not want to share. So I tried to help get the stick and he started to hit me with it. The kid is a nut. He hates me most of the time but always wants to come to my house.

Katie got a turn.

Jillian's turn

Eliza's turn

Eliza was having a rough time this day. She fell earlier before the birthday party and scratched up her knee and elbow. Then when she was trying to get her kite up she was running and did not see another kite string and got it rung around her neck. It left a rope burn on her neck. There was so much crying. I didn't get the picture of it but Ester broke the pinata.

It was a fun birthday party. I love spending time with my sisters and mom. I can't believe Quade is six. He is one crazy kid. I love him to pieces. Happy Birthday Quade.

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