The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, November 10, 2008

I love him what can I say.

This weekend was my sweet husbands birthday. I am four months older then him. I always like it when we are the same age if people should ask our age. He can't wait to get old and I am fine if I stopped aging at 25.
Any way we were able to get away for a night. Together without kids. It was so much fun. (Thank you Carla for watching our house full.)
I love my husband more then words could ever express. I think of the Blue October song Calling You where it says "I can't believe you actually picked me." I feel like the luckiest or blessed (which ever way you look at it) girl alive to have him.
I took this picture while he was eating breakfast. I am sure he will be so happy to know another picture of him is on my blog. For those of you that know him know how humble he is. He is in no way a show off (except when riding his quad) or doesn't like to bring attention to himself. I wanted to have a party for him like I do every year but he just wanted to spend time with me. I won't argue that because I always want to be with him. I love him what can I say.

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Michelle said...

Yeah! I'm so excited you're blogging! You are a natural scrapblogger- how fun!! We love your family (you know that, i hope!) I mean, we just happened to drive by at midnight when your house was on fire, you know we were supposed to be in each others lives! I think that's what sparked our friendship! j/k Love you!