The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It was fun at the Cinders

We finally went to the cinders in Flagstaff for Labor day weekend. It was so cool there but hard to ride. I am use to the sand or trail riding. It was still fun. We have some friends the Brice's that like to ride so we met them up here. They put up with our crazy family and I am always thankful when they invite us back for more fun.

We always have to take both the truck and the van when we go camping or to the dunes because we have so much stuff. I told Clint he could have Katie and Jacob go with him for less problems. It did not work out that way. He took Katie thankfully and Mr. Jacob the big tease came with me and the rest of the girls. I wanted to ring his neck into the first hour. We were calling Clint telling him to pull over to take Jacob. Clint said the next stop which ended up being a gas station in Flagstaff a Sinclair. The kid were excited to see the dinosaur there. They all got on it and we took pictures till my brilliant son decided to push off his sisters during this picture moment.

Katie, Eliza, Ester, Hanna & the pusher Jacob
(Notice Hanna's face the other girls had no idea they were going over. Then of all girls to get hurt it we the two little ones they both hit their heads on the hard ground. I had to pick them both up and carry them to a table and sooth them. This whole time Clint is filling up on gas and water for the camper. I will admit it was so stinking funny I had to laugh while my babies cried.)

So we got to the Cinders and it was so amazing how you will be riding and all the ground is black then it turns red my two favorite colors.

You can kind of see how it changes from black to red

I had Hanna hold up some of the little cinders to show how it is black and red

We were pretty high up. The girls enjoying it.

The Guys

(Jimmy Brice, Clint & Jacob)

You could see the clouds in the back ground it had rained and some mountains higher up had snow on the tips. I thought that was so strange being only September.

This is a picture of the slant we were coming down. I was sitting in the passenger seat. I was scared coming down. It is kind of hard to see but I screamed several times coming down. It was like a roller coaster. Which I do not like .

This is my Katie in the camper being funny with her hot chocolate mustache laying on my bed.

While we were in Flagstaff we went one of the days to the Meteor Crater. It was this big hole in the ground. They charge a butt load of money to go look at this hole. Well Clint paid it and we all went to look at it. When we got there and we were all getting out of the van we realized Katie didn't bring her shoes. I was so annoyed. I told Clint to get shoes on her before we left but Clint listened to me like he always does and the result no shoes. We went as planed. Katie just walked around bear footed the way she likes it best. Anyway so we went and looked at the hole. It was interesting but a little boring. Clint was asking one of the tour guides a bunch of questions and this guy was one of those guys that takes their job very serious he was answering Clint's questions and then Clint said yeah right like you could even know that. I was so embarrassed I walked away.

This is the kids standing in front of the crater.

Katie, Eliza, Ester, Hanna & Jacob

I was happy to leave there because I was nervous the whole time because I am afraid of heights and Katie running all around made me very uneasy.

Jacob doing a jump on this ramp we found

Clint was kidding around with Katie and told her she could ride on top of the camper on the ride home. She really wanted to. She was upset to have to get down.

My cute Eliza she loves to go with daddy and go fast on the Rhino.

Ester is a total daddy's girl. She loves having Clint all to herself and would ride all day & night.

Hanna is my funny little prankster. She likes to stay with mom and is not so much a trill seeker like her younger sisters.

Jacob we like to refer to as the DORK.

He was fine with forgetting his bag of clothes at home and he would have been fine with no shower for the long weekend but I wasn't. I went into town and got him some cheap clothes so he could at least change once. He is funny though. He is so carefree and I hope he always stays that way. I love everything about him and my girls. It was fun at the Cinders.

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