The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Monday, September 21, 2009

We are so Lucky again!

Oh my heck, I think our house is destine to burn down again. With Clint's stove incident and now with what happen last night just a week later. First I will start from the beginning.

Friday after I picked the girls up from school I had a brilliant idea to get a new kitten. We all like them but mostly Hanna. She is so good with animals. So we went over to animal control here in Apache Junction to see if maybe they had any kittens. We were lucky they did and they had the most cutest one. We named her Patches.
Patches & Hanna
Patches has been so loved this whole weekend. Hanna being Hanna and being such a good caretaker for Patches keeps her in her room with all she might need and more. Any way last night we got home from a friends house and Hanna got ready for bed and thought Patches might be cold. She set up a heat lamp for the cat. This heat lamp was set up under her bed. Along with the dress Hanna wore yesterday for a blanket. This morning when Hanna woke up there was an awful smell in her room. She said she was dreaming someone came to visit us and they smelled really bad and she didn't know why. Then when she woke up the smell was the heat lamp which had melted it's plastic shade to the carpet
The heat lamp
Melted lamp shade in the carpet
It had started to melt the carpet. I guess the dress was on top of the lamp. This is what happen to the dress.
Front of dress
Back of dress
When Hanna realized what had happened she started to cry because she thought I was going to be mad about the dress. I wasn't mad. How could I be when she was being so sweet to the cat. I just keep thinking it over and over in my head how dangerous it could have turned out. It makes me want to have an emergency plan if something should happen for FHE tonight. We have been through it before and we all made it out safely before. I think I am being warned we need to have a plan. That is what we will do for FHE tonight for sure. All I could say about today's happenings is we are so lucky again.


Amy and James said...

Wow, glad to hear everyone is safe.

Michelle said...

I'm glad it turned out okay!! What a blessing! Love you!