The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I will get it BLUE!

For weeks now I have been asking my husband to please get our pool back into good condition for the summer. Our friend Tanner was our pool man but stop doing pools because he was busy also being a fire man. So I thought we could save money and do the pool ourselves. Right! This is how it has been looking.

So today I had the brilliant idea to drain it. Clint did not want to drain it but he is hunting. He also had plenty of time to get it blue not pickle juice green. I borrowed my friend Tanner's pool pump and got started about 2:00 this afternoon. I told my kids they were not to get wet. Right again!

They started with putting their feet in. I kept telling them don't the water has disease in it. You will get sick. That held them off for a little while.

They said they were helping me clean the steps.

Jacob doing one of his dorky dance moves. He was saying this is High Pool Musical. See his jazz hands.

This is how they ended up.

Notice in this picture the only one that listened to me was the 2 year old standing in the back ground not wet.

They just kept getting deeper

and deeper. Until they were swimming in the pickle juice.

They had fun though I don't want to take that away from them. I hope the don't get pool flu.

So here it is 9:00 and the pool is empty. It was all the way full this afternoon. I am surprised it only took a few hours to empty. There will be more to come on my brilliant idea today. I am glad tomorrow is Sunday (a day to rest). Come Monday I will be scrubbing scum from the bottom of the pool. I am very determined to have a nice pool for the summer. I will get it BLUE!


Anonymous said...

Renee- Too Funny! Did you really think they would stay dry? They are your children. You would have never stayed out when you were little.;) I love that Katie was the only one who listened. I am on the "Get It Blue!" wagon, I need a place to cool off this summer. Good luck! Love-Carla

Jeanne' said...

That looks like fun! :) Thanks for the comment left on my blog! We got the pictures taken at the Mesa Arts Center! It has a lot of good spots to take pictures!

Jenny said...

That was fun running into you at the school today, I love seeing you! By the way I didn't know that you have been feeling down, What can I do to help? I hope you feel better soon because we need to do another girls night!!

Amy and James said...

LOL!!!! You guys are so fun.
ps. This is the bigger half