The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where is the warning?

I try to do all I can to help all who ask of me. I really love to serve in many ways. I lately have not been myself. I have not felt well for almost 3 weeks. I have not been able to do the things I like to do. I haven't helped at the girls school like I do. I haven't done things for my family like I should. I have been an awful wife, mom & visiting teacher this month. I am not used to feeling this way. I haven't even wanted to do my blog. Because of not feeling well physically I am also not doing so well emotionally. I feel really depressed and down because I have had to put things on hold. Today was the first day in a few weeks I felt more myself. I felt happy. It is hard sometimes having my husband gone at work, then when I think he will be home on the weekend he has other plans that don't include me or the kids. I get sad and mad. That is how the last 3 weekends have been for me. I guess I am just selfish. I just love being with my husband. Although I don't blame him for not wanting to be with me lately I have been so mean. I know that when I feel this way I just need to do more so I don't feel so useless. I am so thankful for my mom and sisters who have helped me the last few week. They have watched my kids and picked them up from school because I felt so awful. I hope I am out of the slump. I went to the doctors and had some test done. I am starting to feel better physically. It is just the dumb mental part. I really wish when I start to get depressed there was something that could let me know. Like if you are getting a cold you might start to sneeze a bunch. But when you start to have a bout of depression where is the warning?


Michelle said...

When i start feeling this way- i realize that i have lost track of my goals and dreams. You aren't selfish when you step aside and take a look at where you are and where you need to be going! You need time for yourself! When we give ourselves that time then we are more useful for others! The Lord knows His sheep and allows us to step back so that we can step forward! I love you my friend!

Bodell Fam said...

I'm glad your feeling better. You're the best! Let me know if I can help. I wish too that depression had a "warning sign" I love your Easter pictures!