The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is DONE and it is BLUE!

This is what it looked like when the pump had done all it could. Gross! The kids said yuck that is what we were swimming in. It is hard to tell in the picture but there was a bunch of caked on yuck on the bottom of the pool. Me being me walked down to get the pump and fell right away. I slipped on the gross green slime and down I went into the gross water. Eliza said what did you do that for mom. Like I meant to fall.

My ever faithful servant/best friend/sister/Monica came to help with with the hard part of scrubbing the bottom of the pool.
We had a lot of little helpers also. They helped scoop the water to get it all out.

We finally had to get the shop vac to get the last of the water out of the pool. The kids were so anxious to start filling the pool. I would not start until I had every bit of the gross water out.

The kid came home from school and could not wait to start in the pool.

It was nice to have it so shallow with the little kids.

We put sunscreen on to late for Monica. She was hurting.

It was getting deeper. We had three hoses in the pool.

All the hard work paid off the kids really enjoyed it while it was filling up.

The next day. We would not let the kids go in until the big ones came home from school. We let them dip their feet in. They were so excited.

It was getting deeper and deeper.

Now it is all filled up and the kids have gone swimming almost every day (never on Sunday though) I am so thankful for all who helped me with my pool project. Clint is gone from our house so much it is nice to know I have my family to help me in my time of need. I love you guys.

Everyone is welcome to come swimming this summer now that it is done and it is BLUE.

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Amy and James said...

Yea, we will have to take you up on your offer!