The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Choose the Right.

Jacob is so funny. He will always be my baby boy. Last Wednesday he had his last band concert for the school year. He had to get dressed up. He looked so handsome. He told me he was going to wear the same thing to school the next day. I did not believe him. The next morning he came up ready for school dressed like the night before. I said you were not kidding. He looked so cute. He told me he walked around school like he owned the place. He is so cute he doesn't let things bother him like I would have when I was his age. This weekend he went on his first scout camp out with out my husband. I was so worried. I do not like for my kids to do things with out one of us being there. I will have to learn to let go a little as they grow. I love all my kids the same. Jacob has a special place in my heart he was my first and he is my only son. He was telling me about things that went on in school today. It makes me mad that kids are so darn mean. The kids that were mean when I was younger probably had kids and don't teach them the right way to live. It makes me so mad. Thankfully it doesn't bother Jacob the way it would bother me. I don't know when being a good kid made you gay. When I was in school being the good kid made you a nerd or the teachers pet. So these kids think my son who is all boy is gay because he is a good kid and stays out of trouble. He stays out of trouble because he is being raised to choose the right. I love my son so much. He has such a tender side that he gets from me and a goofy side he gets from my husband. He is so wonderful I am very blessed to be raising such a choice spirit. He will be turning 12 soon and will be given the priesthood. He does all that he is supposed to and I don't have to worry if he can choose the right.


Jenny said...

Handsome little Devil! Well those boys won't be teasing him in about 2 years when they see all the girls drooling over your son!!!

Jeanne' said...

he is a very good kid!! I remember when he was in cub scouts with me, and now he is 12! WOW!