The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Park fun during Priesthood

The last few times on conference weekend my sisters and I meet at a park while our husbands go their separate ways for priesthood. My husband always goes with his Dad and two of his brothers to priesthood. I think it is nice to do things traditionally with family.
I love spending time with my sisters and our kids. It was nice to just have it be the sisters. We were able to laugh and have fun. I needed that yesterday. I was feeling a little low due to other family members and it was nice to have time to laugh and not worry we were hurting anybodies feelings or having to walk on egg shells with what we said.
We packed a picnic dinner. Monica really liked the tuna I made. The kids made the Doritos into sandritos. Then when Dave Monica's husband came when priesthood was over it was so funny he ate some and didn't know they had sand in them. It was like something I would have done to him but didn't think of it.
Carla, Me & Monica

Jacob's last time hanging out during priesthood. He will be going to the next one.

Hanna and Kristian

My cute Ester
Eliza on Jillian's bike
Katie on the seahorse.
Mine and Monica's bike
Monica thinks her orange bike is so much better because she bought it at a bike shop and I got mine at cheap old Walmart.
I like our park fun during priesthood.

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Jeanne' said...

That looks like fun! :) You are so awesome! I love reading your blog! :)