The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The real meaning of Easter

I love Easter. I don't particularly like the whole bunny thing. It is a cute thought and all but only a young kid could believe a bunny leaves an Easter basket. Katie for weeks now has been asking when the Easter bunny is coming back over. It is cute she gets on a play phone and says "Hello Easter Bunny come over". I do Easter the way my awesome mom did it for me. The Easter bunny hides a basket with little gifts and candy and always a stuffed bunny somewhere in our house.

After they all found their baskets I made them wait so I could take a picture.

My mom always bought us a new dress on Easter Sunday. I now do that for my children.

I had Jacob wear a blue shirt this year. He will get the priesthood soon and I will have him where only a white shirt to church. So this was his last Easter with a colored shirt.

I call them my stairs. My cute kids with their Easter Bunnies.

I know Easter is not really about bunnies and candy. It is all about our Lord Jesus Christ and His atonement. I know He sacrificed His life for me. I know that deep inside my heart and am truly thankful for Him.

Each year since my mom and sisters moved here we have a tradition. We go to the Easter pageant together. We pack a picnic dinner get there like 3 hours before it starts and have fun being together. This year I got some pictures with some of the pageant people.

Eliza and some men

Hanna and Ester with a warrior

Eliza and Katie with the warrior. Katie held the whip and Eliza held the sword

Hanna with John the Baptist. I love this picture.

I love to go to the pageant. It is the story of Easter. The real meaning of Easter.

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