The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween, Haunted House & The Hunt

I do not know why the deer hunt and Halloween always happen around the same time. It is hard to be without Clint on Halloween. This year was fun either way. I went to our ward Halloween Party on Friday with the kids. Monica's family came with us. She is always willing to help me out. I am very blessed to have her. She also helped me with the girls costumes. We made the girls costumes and I bought Jacobs.

My Fruit Salad

Strawberry (Katie), Pineapple (Eliza), Grapes (Ester),

Watermelon (Hanna) & Banana (Jacob)

Our ward party was so fun. I loved seeing all of my primary kids dressed up.

Some of my primary kids. I love them all.

Clint came home to get Jacob late that night so he could go hunt with him the next day which was Halloween. I knew I was going to be alone with the girls on Halloween so I made plans with my good friend Jenny Powell and went to her house for dinner and then we took the kids trick or treating.

Me and my Good Fruit

Hanna and Audrey

Hyman & Powell Girls

My Strawberry

She was kind of bitter that night.

My pretty sweet watermelon

After we went Trick or Treating we went with the Powell's to a haunted house. A family in our stake put it on every year. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of friends there. It was spooky. I am so thankful for my friends and the fun we have together.


Clint and Jacob had some good bonding time together hunting.

Clint got his deer.

He was so happy.

He looks so handsome.

Jacob was happy also.

He is so cute.

Just before the gutting.

It was a good weekend Clint and Jacob had fun and got their deer. The girls and I had fun with family, our ward and friends. It was a good Halloween, haunted house and hunt.


Devry said...

renee those outfits are awesome! what a fun fruit salad!

Michelle said...

You always amaze me my friend! What a fun time...I miss you! :)

Sarah said...

LOVE the fruit salad! The hunting pics gives me an idea of my husbands childhood.

Jana said...

I love your fruit salad! You're so cute! You're blog is ADORABLE!!!!!