The Hyman Family

The Hyman Family

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BYE Little Pigs

Our family was so excited to get new pets. Our little Pigs. We got two that we named Pork chop & Chorizo last Saturday. Then last Wednesday we got three more that were not being cared for on some farm in Maricopa. We were all so excited. The little ones were so cute. We named them Bacon, Sausage and Peperoni.
When Clint brought them home one of them was not doing well. It was so cold and shivering. So we brought it in and gave her a bath to try and warm her up. Hanna was so good with her. She is so loving with all our pets.

After the bath we tried to feed her with a baby bottle and kept her wrapped in a towel so she would stay warm. It was a good effort but was not meant to be. She died during the night. It was a learning experience. The kid said so many prayers for the pig. They knew she was cared for before she died and was comfortable. They understood it was not meant to live.
Hanna taking of Peperoni
On Friday Animal Control was called on us by our neighbor who doesn't care for us. He knows every code in the city code book by heart. He knew it was against city code. We did not know that. Our other neighbors have horses. So we thought it would be fine. I guess not. Animal Control was nice to us. They said we should have been ticketed $250 for each pig but would give us a break. They gave us 72 hours to get rid of them. Then if they were not gone we would get the fine. So we do not have our new pets anymore. Clint took them out to the desert. Now we have a bunch of pork in our freezer. Bye little Pigs.

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